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Bahia Art has for years been engaged in bringing gemstones and other precious stones from Brazil to the market for jewel designers and goldsmiths in Denmark.
The raw material for the stones has been created by nature over millions of years in the Brazilian underground. Within the last few hundred years it has been brought forward to the surface by garimpeiros* whenever they fortunate in their search.
The raw material, consisting of rocks and crystals, is subsequently sold to some of the many small grinding workshops found all over Brazil. Here the stones are processed to become gemstones by being cut and shaped in the many different models and forms that can be used in jewellery. The shapes may be round, oval, drops, navette**, square or one of many other form that can be selected for use.
The finish may be done with a smooth round-polished surface (called cabochons). As another type of cut it can also be done with a few facets or with many facets as in brillant cutting.
To determine the value of such stones you have to go through a very complex process which requires a comprehensive and specialized knowledge and experience. In general it can be said that the rarity of the stone, its hardness (after Mohs scale), its transparency and the quality of the cutting are the most important factors. Additional factors include the demand on the world market, which largely is dictated by fashion trends.

* The Brazilian term for gold and gemstone-loaders.
**(French = small ships) Oblonged stone pointed at both ends. Also referred to as marquise.
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